A room transformed and a talented Dad!

I have mentioned in previous posts, our dining room is also our school room. The problem is our dining room furniture takes up SO much space it leaves little room to organize for school. I have been wanting to sell our dining room set for awhile but it has been a hard decision. We were blessed with the dining room set when we moved into our first “home;” it was my grandparents dining room set from when they were first married. We have had the set 12 years; we have refurbished it and had many memories around the table. It even had writing on the under side of the table from where my dad and his siblings played tic-tac-toe. However, we knew it was time to move on.

I knew exactly what I wanted to replace the table; a farm table with benches. Have you looked at the prices for a homemade, sturdy farm table? They are so expensive! Luckily, my dad is incredibly talented with pallets and he graciously built us the most beautiful farm table! He also built many other items in our dining room including a pallet shelf when you walk in the door. I will post before pictures of the dining room so you can see how amazing it looks now! It is still a work in progress for school but we are so blessed with the increased space for now! (I don’t have as many before pictures as I thought!) Picture this: we had a table with 6 chairs, a large buffet, a china cabinet and a mirror on the wall. Now we just have the table and benches!

DSC_0889 DSC_0886 DSC_0885

Here is what it looks like now. Pictures don’t come close to showing how beautiful the table looks!

DSC_1603 DSC_1602 DSC_1601 DSC_1598 DSC_1605

This is the shelf when you walk in the door. It helps eliminate the table from piling up with stuff!

DSC_1600 DSC_1599

This is the wall where the mirror was and this is where my large maps will hang once they are laminated.


The mirror up top in the first picture is a piece my dad built from our old piano. The shelf on the top left of the picture is also from an old piano. We also have another shelf in the hallway (you can see the piano inscription on the front in the second picture) built from the front of a piano and our coffee table (last two pictures) is built with the legs and top of our old piano. Needless to say, we like handmade, antique-looking furniture!


This picture is taken from the living room into the dining room. I wish I could capture a picture of the space as a whole. I love it!


And here is a little cuteness to end this post! This was her $0.45 birthday dress and she is showing you her pink fingernails and toenails.

DSC_1611 DSC_1609 DSC_1607


Beautiful weather and 2 birthdays

Our girls have birthdays ten days apart. We had family parties this year and it was very laid back and a lot of fun! Here are some pictures from our celebrations.


I made a rustic carrot cake. It was healthy and delicious (although not very pretty).


This is typical. MJ is always eating off of someone’s plate. That girl loves to eat!


Yummy shrimp boil


My dad’s little mini-me


My in-laws have a walking trail on the back of the property. Each grandchild has a sign on the trail. K was our tour guide!

DSC_1520 DSC_1519 DSC_1517 DSC_1515DSC_1490DSC_1492DSC_1495DSC_1501DSC_1506DSC_1510DSC_1513DSC_1531DSC_1533DSC_1535DSC_1539DSC_1540DSC_1545DSC_1547DSC_1550DSC_1553DSC_1557DSC_1561DSC_1565DSC_1566DSC_1580DSC_1582DSC_1590DSC_1586DSC_1590DSC_1573

K is now 6 and MJ is 2. They are both so much fun and keep us on our toes. K asks a lot of questions and she LOVES to learn. She also loves to climb trees, get dirty and help Adam on the farm. K is our chicken whisperer! MJ is fiesty but her facial expressions always make us smile. She has a mind of her own and is always more than willing to share what she thinks. She loves to be busy, do yoga with me, be outside with Adam and she LOVES to have her nails painted. She is very dainty and a little obsessed with shoes. MJ is officially potty trained, she sleeps in a big girl bed and we took away her paci. I no longer have a baby 😦

Ks rainjckt3

The older 2 needed rain jackets so they opened these at MJ’s celebration

G rainjckt2

MJ gifts17

The baby takes a paci and sucks on it and says, “Mama, Dada, knock-knock” and then laughs. It is also cries unless you pat its back. She loves it!!!

MJ gifts12

She is so dainty she had difficulty wanting to tear the paper. Aunt Debbie and Grandmommy had to help!

MJ giftsearrings

New earrings

DE+AG  MJ gifts2 MJ gifts15 MJ gifts16

The kids each had a gift bag to open. They received new placemats, watercolors and crackerjacks!

The kids each had a gift bag to open. They received new placemats, watercolors and crackerjacks!

MJ gifts21 gift bags MJs face

In a few months, G will be 4! We are loving these stages with our kiddos!