Hanging out with AG

Our family loves when we have the opportunity to hang out with Ashli Grace.


K loves being a little Mama (check out MJ photo bombing off to the right), G loves playing with her and cooing over her and MJ, well, she loves to torture her.


MJ is not a huge fan of sharing me with anyone, including Adam. She pushes the kids off my lap and when Adam and I dance in the living room she stands in between us and screams. She is such a sweetie (insert sarcasm). She really is a great kid but she still thinks it is all about her. So AG would be sitting up playing and MJ would come over, steal her toy and then proceed to sit on top of her. I don’t think it hurt AG (MJ only weighs a pound more) but most kids don’t like other kids turning around, sticking their butt in their face and sitting on their lap.

CAM00639 CAM00638 CAM00636

I love the innocence in MJ’s face here; “What? I didn’t do anything.”


They did play a little and then MJ would become interested in things she could poke her finger in; AG ears, nose and mouth. AG loves it, right?


Don’t worry AG, I would look at her like that if she stole my toy too!


We had a great time playing with her and having a baby in the house again. Plus it is nice being able to bless Debbie with a much needed break. Enjoy the pictures!

DSC_0389 DSC_0387 DSC_0385 DSC_0381

I had to post the following picture because G and MJ look like twins here.



3 thoughts on “Hanging out with AG

  1. Wow. Yes the last pic they do like twins!! Maybe one day AG will take naps and not hung over in anytime-after-4pm pics!

    Thanks Mae!!

  2. what great pictures of all the kids enjoying Ashli! Your three are also adorable – I love Kathryn s glasses! You mentioned sending me a picture message about the map I sent –I am not sure what that is. The kids liked it!Love to you all

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