Whole or quartered? Feet or no feet?

Last Saturday we finished butchering our latest flock of broilers (chickens we raise for approximately 8 weeks for meat). We had 5 left and Adam enlisted my help since we pluck our chickens by hand when we’re unable to use the gracious services of our friends’ chicken processing equipment. Typically, we use shrink bags to process and bag the whole chicken. The bags keep it airtight and it looks professional. I asked Adam if we could quarter the last 5 chickens before we bagged them in order to have more quick meal options without having to thaw a whole chicken. It usually takes between 12-24 hours to thaw our whole chickens depending on the temperature in the house. He graciously accepted to quarter them I am excited to have these bags in the freezer for different recipe options! We now have bags of wings, breasts, thighs and chicken tenders.


We have beautiful whole chickens!

We have beautiful whole chickens!


Since I always make broth from our chicken and rabbit carcasses, I took advantage of having 5 chicken carcasses and I added the 10 chicken feet to the broth as well. Chicken feet add natural gelatin and if you are buying your whole chickens from a local farmer they might give you the feet for no extra charge. It never hurts to ask! With some fresh herbs, celery, onion and carrot I simmered the carcasses and feet for 12+ hours and the aroma in the house was delightful. I have been able to bless people all week with this healing broth. I hope everyone is able to make or purchase bone broth; it is delicious and has many healing qualities! Stay away from the store bought broth if you can. It is loaded with sodium and additives and the taste doesn’t even compare. If your kiddos are not fond of drinking straight broth here is a little trick: make rice and use bone broth instead of water. Not only does it make the rice so much more tasty, it ensures your little ones are getting the nutrients they need for healing and gut health. Happy simmering!

DSC_0198 DSC_0195CAM00500


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