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DE and AG Christmas photos

Here are some photos Adam took of Deb and AG. It was so cold outside but AG was a trooper! It is so sweet to see how Deb can make her laugh. She lights up when her Mama talks to her.

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We finally gave G a haircut. He looks so grown up!

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December pictures

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Why do we buy toys for kids under the age of 2?

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Duke enjoys being lazy on the couch and jumping up on the fence. Oh and of course he likes chasing chickens.

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Adam’s work Christmas party was at a hotel on the beach in Fort Walton. We were able to stay the night at the hotel in an ocean view room for $20 thanks to Okaloosa Gas! We had a lot of fun at the party and because of farm life we of course woke up in time the next morning to watch the sun rise. It was beautiful!

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K and I made a calendar for her room (thanks to Aunt Debbie Ellen) and the other 2 pictures are the kids being goofy.

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Our care group had a party and the kids were supposed to dress up from a character that might have been at Jesus’ birth. G was The Little Drummer Boy and K was an angel. The picture on the end they are washing dishes together.

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We went to some friends house for a Christmas party. The adults exchanged mugs and the kids had a toy exchange as well. It was fun!

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This was their December memory verse and a countdown until Christmas. It turned into a math lesson everyday because G’s birthday is 2 days before Christmas. For example: There are 9 days until Christmas. How many days until G’s birthday? Also, MJ got a haircut and she FINALLY started walking on December 19th!!

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I got to hang out with AG one day. She is such a doll baby!



I am a little behind so here are some information and pictures from November.

I took K to see The Nutcracker with the local home school group. She moved (bounced up and down in the movie theater type seats) the entire 90 minutes, including the intermission. Fortunately, we did not spend a lot of money on the tickets; they perform a day show for the local schools and it was only $5/ticket. Afterwards we met Adam for lunch. I asked K what her favorite part of the ballet was and she said, “When the backdrop went up and down.” We definitely won’t be spending money on ballet lessons!

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K had an exciting month. Our 25 broilers arrived and she claimed them as her own. She calls them “her chicks” and she helps with taking care of them (don’t worry, she is fully aware of what we do with broilers). At the beginning of the month, she had 1 mildly loose tooth. I went to work one day and when I arrived at my parents she was missing 2 teeth. Apparently, she and G were playing rough and the tooth that was loose fell out and another tooth became loose in the process. During her “nap” she decided to go ahead and pull the second one out. Fortunately the day before my MIL sewed a tooth-fairy pillow with a little pocket for teeth. Her new teeth are coming in and she is so proud of her missing teeth. We sang “All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth” a lot this Christmas!

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K and G have always been close and they are definitely best buddies! They have started sleeping in the same room as well.

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The kids love to watch Andy Griffith scenes with Adam. Their favorite is The Preamble to the Constitution. This is some of my favorite pictures of them laughing together.

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We went to my sister’s house for Thanksgiving. Aaron, Laura and their boys recently bought a house on 7 acres in Winder GA, which is NE of Atlanta and close to Athens GA. We had a great time visiting with family and my friend, Elin, came down from NC as well.

We were loaded down. Adam and I in the front, 3 kids in car seats in the back seat and Duke was in the cargo area. Of course our luggage was on top!

We were loaded down. Adam and I in the front, 3 kids in car seats in the back seat and Duke was in the cargo area. Of course our luggage was on top!

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