What I have learned about butter

We love fresh butter in our house. We don’t buy butter from the store, we buy it from a local supplier of Troyer butter which comes from Amish country. Now, I love making things from scratch. I love learning about new ways to provide healthy food for my family and how to make food without artificial ingredients. I also love to save money. So a few weeks ago, the kids and I did that science experiment where you put fresh cream in a jar and shake it until it becomes butter. It was SO delicious. So I thought “how hard could it be to start making my own butter.”

*Side note: I have been having a hard time getting cream only when the cream separates from the raw milk. I had been pouring it off the top which works for the first few ounces. A friend of mine suggested pouring the milk into a container with a spigot and then after the cream separates to the top, using the spigot to drain the milk and then the cream will be left. This has been a great suggestion. We use the cream for our coffee and now when I pour the kids milk twice a day, I just open the fridge and use the spigot.

DSC_0751 DSC_0742

DSC_0750 DSC_0740

Back to butter. I used a larger portion of fresh cream this time and a larger container and we all shook until our arms were like jell-O.  That is for the birds. (I have a butter churn but the churn portion is broken so that was out). I read you can use a food processor so we tried that. The result is delicious however it makes such a small amount. My conclusion is that for now I will continue to buy Amish butter and occasionally the kids and I will enjoy a few bites of my fresh butter.

DSC_0749 DSC_0746


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