Costumes and blessings

We don’t do a lot for “Halloween” as far as decorations and talking about it with our kids. However, I like the idea of letting the kids dress up. Last year we attempted to go “trick or treat” in a neighborhood. For those of you who don’t know, I am not a big fan of large crowds. Needless to say, the neighborhood was packed. There were kids everywhere and cars all along the road, which allowed little room for a double stroller. So last year we started a tradition of going to one of the nursing facilities where I work. Last year Adam didn’t go with us (he is not a fan of large crowds either so when he heard we were going to a neighborhood, he decided to not attend).

This year we decided to plan on only going to the nursing facilities. Earlier that day the kids and I attended a fall festival at one of the local nursing facilities. The residents were so happy to finally meet my kids and my co-workers had a blast giving them candy, especially since they know my kids rarely get candy! Later that evening Adam and I took the kids to another nursing facility where I have worked the longest and the one we went to last year. Words cannot describe how much fun we had and what a blessing it was for our family. It was so rewarding to see the smiles on the residents faces and to hug their necks. We will definitely continue this tradition not only because it is safe and warm in the facilities but because of the blessing it brought our family as well as the residents that I love so dearly. If you are looking for a new tradition, I would recommend to check out your local nursing facilities for next year’s fall festivities. You will be blessed!

IMG_20141031_190314-1 IMG_20141031_190156 IMG_20141031_190355 IMG_20141031_190508 IMG_20141031_190151 IMG_20141031_185939 IMG_20141031_185949 IMG_20141031_191752 IMG_20141031_191814 IMG_20141031_192718


G and MJ couldn’t fit into their car seats with their costumes on so that is why they are not in costume in these pictures

IMG_20141031_195621 IMG_20141031_195710 IMG_20141031_195744

G was excited about a sucker turning his tongue green!

G was excited about a sucker turning his tongue green!


4 thoughts on “Costumes and blessings

  1. Mae Lynn, such a blessing, Dennis and I just looked at all the adorable pictures, when he saw the family one he said, they just need to give us those kids!!!! Lots of love and prayers, I pray you have found a lot of the books you had on the list…I know your library will have lots, I have looked, I remember those being in my elementary school library and public when I checked them out for my K classes, I went through all my books, NONE, so disappointed, but when you visit you can check on the ones you could use…love you, know you stay beyond busy and with the time changes, your comment was funny, we forgot and Dennis went to church an hour early, of course noone there, but he turned the heat on so nice and warm when all arrived..hugs for all from Memommy and Dedaddy…yes, Dennis is in the slumps over the Gator Bowl game, tell your dad, he took a walk in the cold wind then came in to work on computer, refusing to watch the second half….My Tksg. family is coming Tues. evening and leaving at noon on Sat. but I do hope we can see all of you!!!!Stay well and warm, it is cold up here! Love to your folks and Debbie!!! alice and dennis

  2. Well once again I am blessed to see the joy your family brings to others! Such a great idea and a special treat in every way for everyone – a complete win-win! Hats off to you and Adam for sticking to your guns even if it goes against the “norm” ( I use that term very very loosely!)

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