Jenny’s surprise summer

She is looking so grown-up. I can't believe she will be 5 in four days!

She is looking so grown-up. I can’t believe she will be 5 in four days!



We have been “rowing”* Jenny’s surprise summer for the past 2 weeks. As go-along books** to this book, we have been studying climate, seasons, waves, tides, oceans and caves. I wanted to have a hands-on lesson to what we have been studying so I decided to take the kids to the beach. My dad was a trooper and decided to come with me to help AND my sister’s sister-in-law, Jordan, was in Destin for a few days. It was so fun catching up with her and hanging out with her kiddos. I was so thankful that Jordan brought a nice camera and she was kind enough to send me some pictures from the morning. The kids ended up learning about rip currents and how the weather affects the waves; the flag was yellow but the rip current was very strong and the waves became more rough as we were there. My kids had no fear of the ocean so I took them out individually to where I was standing hip-deep. I had a difficult time standing still as I was getting knocked over by the waves. This lesson helped them have a deeper respect for the power of the ocean. All 3 kids LOVED the water and splashing around. We ended up only staying about an hour (I was exhausted just from trying to keep each child within sight and above water) but made some great memories. I hope to visit the beach more this year during off-season than in years past.  Enjoy the pictures!

*”Rowing” is a term used in the home school curriculum I use called Before 5 in a Row. We read a book for 1-2 weeks and teach different lessons, ie Bible, social studies, math, language arts, etc. This is called “rowing.”
**Go-along books are books that have a similar theme or teach similar lessons. I get most of these from the library.
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Daddy fun

I attended a continuing education course in Panama City this morning. I had to leave town at 5:30am to arrive on time so I left a quiet, dark house (after nursing MJ of course!). So the kids had a fun day with Adam today. I came home around 3pm to excited kids with adorable photos to prove their fun-filled day.

Enjoy the pictures!

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This one captures each of their personalities so well!

This one captures each of their personalities so well!

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