Invite or bite?

I wanted to share a sweet and funny conversation I had with the kids in the car today. We listen to a CD in the car called Rain for Roots, One of the songs’ lyrics are “God cares for you.”  So here is the conversation between G and K:

G: K, why does God care for you?

K: Because he loves us.

G: Why can’t we see Him?

K: Because He is in our hearts and we can’t see inside our body. He is in everyone’s hearts.

this is where I paused the CD and began to explain that Jesus is not in everyone’s hearts. I told the kids we have to invite Jesus into our hearts.

G: Mama, why would you want to bite Jesus? He is nice.

then more explaining about INVITE not bite and what that means.

K: So some people don’t want Jesus in their hearts? Mama, isn’t that sad?

I love how my beautiful children challenge my faith with their innocence. They teach me how I should love Jesus and others and how my heart should break over lost souls.image image


4 thoughts on “Invite or bite?

  1. ca n . share catherines oh so cute comment while swimming in the pool last week when the water temperature was very very cool after much rain.she paddlEd down to the steps where I was sitting
    K “Grand mama my teeth are clicking.
    Me. “Kathryn, your teeth are clicking because you are so cold.”
    K. “how do my teeth know I’m cold?”

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