A new, hairy addition

Well, after much debate and searching, we got another dog. We really grieved after losing both of our great danes, Miles and Jazzmine, in 2012 and we have gone back and forth about getting another one. I really wanted a dog for protection since I am at the house most days by myself with the kids and of course the kids wanted a dog! He reminds of so much of Miles; he looks a lot like him and they have similar personalities.His name is Duke and he is 8 months old. We adopted him from a single mom who works long hours and couldn’t care for him anymore both physically and financially. He is super sweet and great with the kids. He is still very much a puppy, so we are working on behavior training (he loves to steal the kids toys). He LOVES G and follows him everywhere which turns into G getting knocked over because Duke tries to sit on G to get attention. He hasn’t eaten a chicken yet and he is scared of the pig so he is fitting in well on the farm! I will post a better picture soon but this was our attempt of taking a picture of him and the kids. He has beautiful coloring. He is a reverse brindle and he looks like a tiger, especially from afar so I doubt anyone will be messing with me when I am home alone with the kiddos!




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