We are really enjoying warmer weather. Even on the cool days, we are spending most of our time outside playing in the grass,  hanging clothes, playing on the playground and taking care of the farm animals. As long as the sun is out, we manage a way to be outside. The kids behave so much better if they spend at least some of the day outside. They are great helpers collecting eggs and filling up water just from the rain barrels. The love that chore because they end of playing in the water and mud. They will say “Can we play yucky ducky today?” Which means, “Can we get filthy and you not be upset?”

The other day I had MJ laying on a blanket on the grass so K laid on the grass next to her. She looked up at the sky and said, “God is amazing. He is so amazing.” I just love that little girl!

G is a bundle of energy right now and he talks ALL of the time. His favorite thing is to tell me is “Go, go” when I am sitting at a red light. It has worked out because I have used time in the car to teach him his colors. He now knows to only tell me “go,go” when the light turns green. He LOVES trucks; any kind, any size and he loves to read. We are teaching him how to sit still during K’s school time, which has been a challenge but he is learning!

MJ is such a joy to be around. She does have a fiery little temper but 99% of the time she is pleasant with lots of smiles. She started eating foods; I was hoping to get a little meat on her bones. She is now 12.4 pounds and she loves food. I grind fresh oats and mix that with banana or pear sauce. She also likes avocado or sweet potato mixed with breast milk. Here are her 5 month photos!

DSC_0139 DSC_0145 DSC_0152 DSC_0165


One thought on “March

  1. I love reading about your family and the wonderful way you spend time with your kids. I wish it was warming up here…..

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