Hello all. It has been a busy few weeks so I thought I would post a quick update. Adam’s dad had a stress test on Valentine’s Day and then was admitted because the EKG was abnormal. Monday afternoon, the 17th, they performed a heart catheter here locally. The results were not good and the cardiologist recommended UAB for a triple by-pass. He was flown by helicopter Monday evening to UAB and he had a triple by-pass Wednesday morning. In the midst of all of that, G and K had a stomach bug which they passed on to Adam. I was hesitant to leave the kids since they were having vomiting and diarrhea, so I stayed behind until Tuesday evening. My SIL and I drove to Birmingham with MJ on Tuesday evening after work. (Poor Adam spent all day Tuesday and Wednesday morning in the hotel room with a stomach bug). The surgery went very well and so Adam, his brother and wife and I drove home from Birmingham Thursday afternoon so we could all work on Friday. Adam and his brother (his other brother actually lives outside Birmingham so he was there the entire time) drove back on Monday the 24th to drive his mom and dad home. Adam’s dad is recovering well and we are so thankful for a great team of doctors and nurses at UAB! We are also so thankful for my parents and our friends for taking care of the older 2 kids on such short notice. It actually was a great time of fellowship as family since we spent several days together sitting in a hospital waiting area. I wish it was under better circumstances, but we are thankful for laughter and great memories!

This is Adam’s oldest brother, Kyle. MJ was a trooper!

The second picture is his brother Ryan and Ryan’s wife, Kelly and the third picture is Adam’s mom.




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