Family of 5

Here are the most recent photos of our family of 5. It is impossible to get all 3 kids to smile at the camera but at least they were all happy!

DSC_0380 DSC_0372 DSC_0356 DSC_0355 DSC_0351


Family time

Here are some photos from our time in Panama City this past weekend. Most of them are from a cell phone so the quality isn’t great but we had fun!

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Saying goodbye

My sweet cousin, Kelly, was hit by a car as she was crossing the street in Panama City on Friday March 7th. She had very little brain activity immediately following the accident. My aunt and uncle had to make a difficult decision to remove her from all life-giving machines the following Tuesday. She went to be with Jesus early Wednesday morning, March 12,2014. We spent this past weekend in Panama City mourning her tragic death, yet celebrating her life. There were many sad moments, but we created new memories re-connecting as family. Most of us hadn’t been together in years and we were so thankful to be together, loving Kelly, loving our savior and loving each other during a difficult time.


Fashion show

I recently bought G some new-to-him, ie used, clothes. Here are some photos of K and G doing a fashion show for us. There is also an awesome shot of of Kathryn in the garden. I am so thankful Adam is enjoying taking pictures again!

Image  Image







We are really enjoying warmer weather. Even on the cool days, we are spending most of our time outside playing in the grass,  hanging clothes, playing on the playground and taking care of the farm animals. As long as the sun is out, we manage a way to be outside. The kids behave so much better if they spend at least some of the day outside. They are great helpers collecting eggs and filling up water just from the rain barrels. The love that chore because they end of playing in the water and mud. They will say “Can we play yucky ducky today?” Which means, “Can we get filthy and you not be upset?”

The other day I had MJ laying on a blanket on the grass so K laid on the grass next to her. She looked up at the sky and said, “God is amazing. He is so amazing.” I just love that little girl!

G is a bundle of energy right now and he talks ALL of the time. His favorite thing is to tell me is “Go, go” when I am sitting at a red light. It has worked out because I have used time in the car to teach him his colors. He now knows to only tell me “go,go” when the light turns green. He LOVES trucks; any kind, any size and he loves to read. We are teaching him how to sit still during K’s school time, which has been a challenge but he is learning!

MJ is such a joy to be around. She does have a fiery little temper but 99% of the time she is pleasant with lots of smiles. She started eating foods; I was hoping to get a little meat on her bones. She is now 12.4 pounds and she loves food. I grind fresh oats and mix that with banana or pear sauce. She also likes avocado or sweet potato mixed with breast milk. Here are her 5 month photos!

DSC_0139 DSC_0145 DSC_0152 DSC_0165


Hello all. It has been a busy few weeks so I thought I would post a quick update. Adam’s dad had a stress test on Valentine’s Day and then was admitted because the EKG was abnormal. Monday afternoon, the 17th, they performed a heart catheter here locally. The results were not good and the cardiologist recommended UAB for a triple by-pass. He was flown by helicopter Monday evening to UAB and he had a triple by-pass Wednesday morning. In the midst of all of that, G and K had a stomach bug which they passed on to Adam. I was hesitant to leave the kids since they were having vomiting and diarrhea, so I stayed behind until Tuesday evening. My SIL and I drove to Birmingham with MJ on Tuesday evening after work. (Poor Adam spent all day Tuesday and Wednesday morning in the hotel room with a stomach bug). The surgery went very well and so Adam, his brother and wife and I drove home from Birmingham Thursday afternoon so we could all work on Friday. Adam and his brother (his other brother actually lives outside Birmingham so he was there the entire time) drove back on Monday the 24th to drive his mom and dad home. Adam’s dad is recovering well and we are so thankful for a great team of doctors and nurses at UAB! We are also so thankful for my parents and our friends for taking care of the older 2 kids on such short notice. It actually was a great time of fellowship as family since we spent several days together sitting in a hospital waiting area. I wish it was under better circumstances, but we are thankful for laughter and great memories!

This is Adam’s oldest brother, Kyle. MJ was a trooper!

The second picture is his brother Ryan and Ryan’s wife, Kelly and the third picture is Adam’s mom.