Father’s Day

We had a great time celebrating Father’s Day with lots of family. Sunday morning we participated in a parent/child dedication at our church with several other families. We were so blessed that my sister Cindy and her family (T.J., Nicholas and Edward) were in town to celebrate with us. My sister Debbie also came with my parents and my friend LaVonda and her two boys as well. It was so special to have all of these people there!

That evening we had a Father’s Day dinner at our house with Cindy and her family, Debbie, my parents, Adam’s parents and Ryan and Kelly’s three boys from Marianna. We had so much fun eating and hanging out with everyone. Here a few pictures.



Some pics from May and June

Here are just random pictures from May and June. G and K love to play together and it is so sweet to watch!







In April, Adam made our first batch of fresh strawberry preserves. We bought a box of “culled” strawberries from Acres of Strawberries and here are the pics of the process and the results. The third picture is our usual breakfast oatmeal with fresh strawberries.



G is 5 months

G-man turned 5 months and he is already sitting up! He is also rocking back and forth on this hands and knees and scooting for transportation. We had to lower his crib this week because he was pulling up on the rails. This kid is ready to go! Adam took some photos this week of our little man. K also was in the photo shoot, of course. She loves to have her picture taken.

The second to last picture is K around the same age. She was such a petite little thing (well, she still is) compared to him!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage ImageImage



I had some scheduled vacation the week after we went to Hamilton. Adam’s parents graciously allowed us to use their camper for three days at a lake 10 miles north of our house. The weather was perfect and we had a wonderful time relaxing outside next to the lake, camping, fishing (just Adam), reading, swimming etc. It was great because we were able to take of our animals, house and garden since we were so close but we will had a little get away. The week started with picnic on Sunday with our church family.


Hanging out in the camper


She likes to sit at the top of the slide but she is not a huge fan of sliding



Our little man


Our good friends Rachel and Bill Dyrda who are expecting their first baby girl August 1st!


Rebecca and Crosby


Mercedes capturing the moment on her phone


I know it is blurry but Isabella loves G!


Ah, the Moore’s, one of our favorite couples and great friends!


Adam making waffles, yum!


Ready to hike!


4 miles later we were very hot and thirsty


G slept most of the time


Fishing buddies


The view from my Cabella lounger, where we spent a lot of time resting, reading and relaxing!


K conquered her fear of the water!